The George and Margaret (Peggy) Clowes Organ

Saint Dunstan’s organ was built in 1990 by Fritz Noack of Georgetown, Massachusetts. An organ builder since the 1960’s, Noack’s organs can be found in churches, school chapels, and cathedrals throughout the United States, as well as in Japan and Iceland. The instrument was the generous gift of founding members George and Peggy Clowes.

Located on the Epistle side of the Chancel, the organ is a small neo-baroque instrument built using modern and historically based principles. With clarity and gravity of sound the organ enlivens the resonant sanctuary of St. Dunstan’s and suitably supports choral and congregational singing. As a tracker/mechanical action instrument with particular pipe speech and tuning, the organ is ideal for playing Baroque repertoire. It is traditional for the congregation to be seated for the playing of the organ postlude which concludes the service each week.

Rehearsal Piano

The choir rehearsal room is furnished with a 1923 Charles Stieff baby grand piano, the gift of former Dover resident Carol Chandor.