10178707_10152067675456134_14917297_oHey kids!  Do you like to sing?  Join us for St. Dunstan’s Choristers!   





Who is welcome?

  • Children who are interested in music
  • Children in elementary and middle school grades (ages 7-13)
  • Children who can commit to attending regularly
  • Children whose families can commit to bringing and supporting them

What are our goals?

Based on the National Standards for Music Education, our goals are to teach children fundamental skills including:

  • Singing with other children, youth and adults, a varied repertoire of sacred music
  • Hearing and associating sounds with symbols (music notation)
  • Playing instruments
  • Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
  • Evaluating music and their own singing
  • Understanding relationships between music, worship, tradition and their evolving faith
  • Building a life-long involvement in music and singing
  • Having lots of fun and enjoying the social benefits of a group activity

Parents are always welcome to observe rehearsals, and if qualified, assist in various ways. Please e-mail the parish office at office@saintdunstansma.org and indicate your child’s interest and any questions. I am very excited to help grow youth and children’s music programs and hope that you are too!  It represents an opportunity to develop and share God’s gift of music in a real and meaningful way in our parish. Please consider participating!