altar guild

The Altar Guild is composed of parishioners who take care of the altar every week for Sunday services, weddings, baptisms and funerals. New members are always welcome.


We have been blessed with fourteen lovely altar guild members who take care of our worship space.  There is an urgent need to fill two vacancies on the guild roster.  With this in mind here is a brief description of when we perform our duties and what is required when setting up for Sunday services.

  • Each member is part of a team of four who once a month prepare the altar for Eucharist.
  • Once a year each team fulfills the fifth Sunday duties by preparing the altar for Sunday morning.

Team members have often commented on how the task is spiritually fulfilling.  To hold altar cloths, chalices, linens and other materials needed for Eucharist and setting the table with a quiet reverence reminds us of our traditions in worshiping God.  New members will always team up with an experienced member to insure that one feels comfortable.

Please consider this important commitment to our church.  The guild members are a joyous group of wonderful folks.  They stand ready to coach anyone interested in joining our team.

Altar Guild Directress: Diane Jones contact:

Group 1: Susan Bianco (coordinator), Joanne Crispin, and Lynn Petrasch

Group 2: Christine Montesano (coordinator), Wendy Sullivan, Katie Adams, and Lisa Clifton

Group 3: Chris Wood (coordinator), Joan Newlon, and Diane Jones

Group 4: Diane Jones (coordinator), Barbara Brown, Carol Hollingsworth, and Peggy Goode

Altar Guild responsibility begins on the Saturday preceding your Sunday and continues through the following Friday.