Youth Outreach
Lighthouse Home in
Costa Rica


VBS Youth Outreach 2017

This summer, St. Dunstan’s church in Dover, Massachusetts hosted its annual Vacation Bible School. Here, some of our counselors and CITs were interested in doing another outreach project given our success the past two years. Through a series of meetings, we decided to raise money for the Lighthouse Organization by running two bake sales, one at our church and another at The Dover Market. This is an organization that houses abandoned and orphaned children in developing countries, and this year, we have one of our CITs going to a Lighthouse home in Tres Rios, Costa Rica. Cecilia Fielding is going on a mission trip with her grandmother and her church at the end of July to “entertain them, pray for them, and praise the Lord with them”
Everyone contributed by baking various goods and once we came together, we had brownies, cookies, cupcakes, rice krispie treats and many more delicious items. In order to create interest in our community, we gave flyers to the campers as they went home, sent out an email blast to our parishioners, and posted a message on Facebook describing our bake sale and motivation. The following day, we set up a table and sold to the parents while they waited in line to pick up their children. Then in Friday, we had another sale at the Dover Market.
 We’re all super proud to have raised $436.67 and contribute to Cecilia’s mission trip. At VBS there is an emphasis on teaching the children to help others, and our counselors saw this outreach project as an opportunity to lead by example. We all learned so much from this experience and the VBS counselors are incredibly proud to help these children in need.
 By: Iona Stephen and Theo Haviland



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