We are a team of responders who support the Rector in serving the needs of our Parish community.  Our purpose is to provide assistance to persons/families when there are special needs with illness, death, time of difficult transitions and/or crisis.  Our responsi-bilities consist of providing meals and transportation, coordinating our Parish Prayer List, sending thoughtful notes, initiating visitations and follow-up telephone calls, and assisting with simple chores.
In the past our team has organized cooked meals, written cards, made visitations, pro-vided rides to church and an occasional reception.  The rector contacts committee members of confidential needs and prayers as they present themselves.

If you are in need of any assistance, or would like information about joining this important ministry team, kindly contact  the parish office: office@saintdunstansma.org or Lynn Petrasch: lpetrasch@gmail.com.