The Christian Formation Steering Team is a ministry team dedicated to the prayerful formation of our children and youth throughout their life and ministry at St. Dunstan’s, with our goal being to best equip them for Christian life outside of their homes, on college campuses and in the workforce.

The Steering Team provides support, affirmation and direction to our program offerings: Godly Play, Spark, Children’s Chapel, Youth Groups, Confirmation Classes, Vacation Bible School and nursery. It is responsible for anticipating and thinking through the future needs of St. Dunstan’s, children and youth and discerning how God is calling our parish to minister to these groups. It also serves as a sounding board for administrative and vestry initiatives involving our children and youth.

Formerly the Christian Education Steering Team, the group was moved to rename Christian “Education” to Christian “Formation” in the spring of 2015. This change recognizes that all of us are constantly being formed in our faith, whether out in the world, in the pews, or in the classroom. Our programs are not adults teaching at children; yes, as adults we lead the children and youth, engaging them in discussions, but more often than not we learn from their amazing insights too.  As we form them, they form us.

The Steering Team is comprised of teachers and parents, as well as staff and vestry representatives. Current members are:  Audrey Ensor (Vestry Advocate), Tia Dennis, Kate Haviland, Rev. Sean Leonard, Joan Newlon and Lauren Whittle.