In the Episcopal Church, ministry is shared between the clergy and the laity working together to build up our community of faith. The Vestry constitutes the lay leadership and its ministry is to provide the parish with strong, capable leadership in those areas that are the responsibility of the laity. The Vestry also gives the clergy support in administrative and pastoral issues.

                           Vestry 2017

Senior Warden

 Amelia Slawsby

Junior Warden

 Jeff Baer


 Joan Newlon

Assistant Treasurer

 Bill Wickham


 Chuck DeBevoise

Vestry Youth Rep

 Theo Haviland

Liaison to Stewardship

 Dorothy Bartlett

Liaison to Parish Life

 Joanne Crispin

Liaison to Outreach

 Carol Chirico

Liaison to Fundraising

 Katie Adams

Liaison to Christian Formation

 Audrey Ensor

Liaison to Property

 Jim Nail


The By-laws of St. Dunstan’s state that vestry members are elected at the Annual Meeting in January for a three-year term. Officers (Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Clerk) are elected to serve for one year, and can be re-elected to any one office or combination for a total of four consecutive years. At St. Dunstan’s, Vestry members oversee specific aspects of our life in community such as Stewarship, Property, Outreach, etc. The current Vestry and their areas of responsibility is listed below.

Vestry members rely on the help of parishioners to organize events and work in various projects that serve the parish. If you have interest, skills, or experience in any area that you would like to contribute to the life of the parish, please contact the appropriate Vestry member. If you are unsure whom to contact, the Senior and Junior Wardens are always available to help you find the right place to use your talents.